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A subject of some amazement - Lee John Barnes as a subject of debate between Iain Dale and Nick Griffin

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I have had, shall we say, an acquaintance with Lee John Barnes (Llb Hons) off and on for quite a while. He 'comments' on Pickled Politics sometimes, and I managed to get so under his skin that he determined that, when the BNP became the government, I would be for the off. Chucked out of Blighty without a care.

I thought that was rather extreme at the time. But I wore it as a sort of badge.

It is interesting, and will raise his profile miles higher than his tiny spat with me, that he is now the subject of a discussion between Iain Dale and Nick Griffin.

Frankly, I am not at all clear whether Nick Griffin idolises Lee John Barnes, or not. I think it is pretty obvious that you have to work with the hired help you can attract. Seems to me.

Anyway, this is a sample of the discussion, specifically the bit about LJB LlB. The rest is quite fascinating too:

To clarify, I have added [ID] before Iain Dales comments and [NG] before Nick Griffins'. Neither were in the original text:

[ID] You present yourself as a moderniser. But a blog written by your legal officer Lee Barnes is all about how ethnic minorities and the Jews are awful. He reckons Britain is controlled by Zionists and their media puppets. There's just no way that if he's a national officer of the BNP, you can present the party as being anything other than obsessed by the usual issues.

[NG] Lee is a very strange and complex character. He's also regarded by all of Britain's Nazis as a leading treacherous pro-Jewish liberal, who's taken control of the BNP.

[ID] If he's liberal, I'd love to see someone who wasn't.

[NG] Lee is one of the people who believes that if you say that there's a Zionist influence in Britain, that does not make you antisemitic. We've got Jewish members. We've got a Jewish council group leader.

[ID]So some of your best friends are Jews... I see.

[NG] Lee is one of the ones who has taken most flak from Britain's Nazis, as he's taken the anti-semitism out of the BNP. But he's still fiercely anti-Zionist.

[ID] But if you say: 'Britain is controlled by Zionists and their media puppets,' there is only one way to read that. I would say that's a grotesque exaggeration. So you don't share any of those views at all?

[NG] No.

[ID] But you've allowed someone who's obsessed by Jewish issues to hold national office in the BNP.

[NG] I do, yes. As I say, if you look at his blogs and his arguments with people in the round, you will see that he's one of the people who's taken the obsession with Jews out of the BNP. It was there. But he's one of the ones who've taken it out by putting it in context.

This is mendacious. Lee John Barnes certainly is no friend of anyone that doesn't subscribe to his own philosophy.

For instance, you can see what he thinks:


If that is friendly to Jews, then I'm the Flying Dutchman.

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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

The whole thing is a depressing and tedious episode.

Iain and Griffin are both horrendous but in different ways.