Monday, 29 March 2010


It seems to me that George Galloway and other big beasts of our shared sphere of the blog are willing to sue at the drop of a hat.
It seems to me that it ought to be obvious that a fund ought to be set up to defend bloggers such as Simon Singh,  and damn my eyes, David Taube.

For the attack legal dogs will take your rights away. They will legalise your opinions. They will attempt to make money out of your ideas. By suing you. Thus, they will take your breath away. For who will not look over their shoulder, at the legal ramificatiions, whenever they post a comment?

That is what they do. Lawyers will take away your rights, as quick as cheese.

It is perfectly possible to counter argue on the internet. It does not require  lawyers to follow an ambulance.

It seems to me that that is what lawyers do. It also seems to me that the exclusion of lawyers from internet debate is probably a good thing.

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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I know there is plenty of web bitches I'd like to sue for defamation...