Sunday, 14 March 2010

SNP Tactical Voting - a weird factoid

Jeff Breslin is a very good guy.

He has had the decency to link his site to mine, and I thought that my infinitesimal traffic should  flow back to his, clearly better, web site.

And so I discovered the joys of The Link.

But it didn't link me to his front page. It linked me to something he hadn't cared to publish. Something about an old card pretending to be SNP.

This seems to me to be wrong.

Mr Breslin should not be hacked, and I assume that this is what this is, by back door tactics. And me as an innocent dupe.

I intend to try to post this on his very own web site, as a warning to him and to others.


Not the Messiah said...

I doubt he was hacked Dougie, more likely threatened by some of the posters who were starting to make accusations about him.

One said that they had inside information that Jeff had been the one that outed Mark Maclachlan.

Hopefully Jeff will be back with a new post soon but if this is the case (and I have nothing more than a hunch) then it's a very ominous day that a blogger should feel compelled to pre-moderate all comments and therefore stifle debate so that red top journalists can define the storyline of the day.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Now you found the joys of the link sir, how about you hit me up with one?

Share the love!

douglas clark said...


Will do!