Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Who knows?

We are talking about the General Election here, firstly on a UK basis, and secondly on a Scottish basis.

The UK arguement, it seems to me, is for the Liberal Democrats to win or lose.

They really do need to add at least 10 percentage points, somehow, someway, to achieve a breakthrough . I am not sure that they can.

It would, I think, take a black swan sort of  day for that to happen. Gordon Brown has offerred chances, David 'Teflon' Cameron has not.

Least that's how I see it.

On the question of how our three party politics works out, for the Tories are irrelevant, is far more difficult to discern.

It is reasonable to assume that Liberals and SNP will continue to do vote attrition on Labour, but will it be enough to gain them the odd seat?

Who knows?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A question for Mike Smithson and maybe, Jeff of SNP Tactical Voting too.

Just to read with you tea, folks.

This is the somewhat brilliant Nate Silver:

It does not bore down to our, somewhat unique politics, but. 

Friday, 23 April 2010

Identity Theft and Stupid Wee Bastrards

I have been the subject of local, and I suppose national, identity theft.

It seems to me that having my ideas corrupted by evil wee tits is, well, quite evil,

For they have nothing to say for themselves. They have grabbed whatever I have to say and corrupted it.

That is not just evil, it is incredibly weak.

It is the weakness I admire. I am no-one, yet they attach themselves to me?

What the fuck?

It is, I suppose, time to get stronger.

As far as I'm concerned it is time to stand up for the SNP. It is important to recognise that all our identities have been stolen, That we are who we say we are, and that we don't need a bit of paper to prove it.

Least, that's what I think we are about.

What say you?

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Politics - ain't it fun?

I use this blog and other places to write about things that interest me.  It will have occurred to anyone who has bothered to read anything here that I am a member of the SNP. And I was more than a tad annoyed about the SNP and Plaid being excluded from what started off as 'Leaders' debates and metamorphised into 'PM' debates.

However, the outcome of the first debate has led me to rethink my ideas, at least slightly.

It seems to me that we are wishing on ourselves a sort of 'Obama' moment, when we throw away all the wrong that has been perpetrated in our name.

It is, kind of hard, for me to see Nick Clegg as an Obama figure.

But this weekends opinion polls suggest that people do want to give him that status.

It looks to me like 'a plague on both your houses'. Lab and Tory are both thought to be old and corrupt by the electorate. They will find any alternative, any option, to vote for.

I felt, no feel, continuing anger at the political duck house owners and other chumps that make up our political class.

It seems that I underestimated the Great British Public. Give them an option, and they might well take it.

From an SNP point of view, of course, none of this is news.

I am pretty sure that the Scottish debate, if enough people watch it,  will have a similar defining effect on this mood.

I have watched in awe at the ability of folk to spin. Be it the Steven Purcell stuff and the alleged links to organised crime that were firstly not to be investigated and now, perhaps, are. Whether anything is allowed to surface that would have a political impact on this election is probably the extent to which this cloak will be deemed successful or not.

The whole sleazy aspect of politics ought to have an effect on folk. It seems to me that the
admittedly proven, troughing at Westminster may have a significant effect in the Westminster elections. The lesser and later allegations against Scottish Local Government, Scottish Labour MP's should impact but probably won't.

Still, as a voter, if there are unanswered questions against a particular political party, Labour in this case, the electorate should, but probably won't, consider unproven gangster links, or unproven influence on tendering processes as sufficient to change their vote.

They probably won't.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Steven Purcell - at last!

The super soaraway paper of choice says this:

I have no idea whether this will end up in a court case, or not, but it has to be investigated...

Friday, 9 April 2010

Ask not what Labour can do for Scotland, ask what Scotland can do for Labour

Jeff, over at SNP Tactical voting has made, in his polite and civilised way, a very good point:

In essence our 'last colony' status will bring us nothing from the Westminster Labour Preservation Society.

We will be asked to help fund the Olympic Games and Crossrail (both London only projects) and probably end up bailing out a ridiculously overpriced high speed rail link between London and Birmingham. We will probably end up providing seed funding for English nuclear power when we don't need it - neither do they.

In exchange we get, what?

Not a heck of a lot that I can see. Oh! yes! We will be allowed to park the replacement for Trident on the Clyde, which will make us the target for many a nutter for at least another fifty years.

And, rather than building useful stuff like wave energy systems we'll get, maybe aye, maybe naw, a share in building two aicraft carriers to 'project' our power and influence on the world stage. I love that bit.


I don't want to project our influence on a world stage. And if we want to protect ourselves I'd rather do it as a NATO partner, not as a Colonel Blimp.

So the balance of the Labour Manifesto is, firstly geared to the South East of England and secondly towards maintaining a phantom empire.

It is really pretty bankrupt.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Craig Murray on the General Election 2010

Thought this was interesting:

Perhaps not everything is perfect in the best of all possible worlds?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Joan McAlpine and Steven Purcell - a match made in heaven?

Joan McAlpine - who I had not even heard of a month or so ago - is my new heroine.

Here is what she says about oor Stevie:

Now that is a true journalist, so it is. Look at that and respect it for what it is. Investigation, pure and simple.

Where is the place that you get for voting for Scottish Journalist of the Year?

Monday, 5 April 2010

Apparent Death Threats by the BNP, to the BNP

That is a ridiculous thing for a party that is attempting to reach out to the electortate.

This appears to be them reverting
Well, we are shocked, are't we?

No, noy as an option....