Monday, 29 March 2010

England and the Left

I have had an interesting discussion - off line - with an English nationalist who appears to me to be right on the button. It is obviously nonsense to assume that the SNP, whose raison d'etre is independence would appeal on a tartan note to an Englishman.

However, my new friend saw the sense in the rest of  SNP policies. It is a good thing, I think, that most policies that we have can be subscribed to by someone on the left of UK politics.

So much for the epithet, Tartan Tories.

I hope he reaches a position of power at some time in the future. For what he has to say, and our manifesto, are not very far apart.

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RantinRab said...

I hate the SNP with a passion. Nearly as much as Labour.

Socialist scum, the lot of 'em!