Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bringing it all back Home

My friend Rumbold has coincidentaly, addressed something I expected neither of us to have to address.

It is the post rational swirl of undirected intent. You may, or may not be aware that my identity has been pinched.

Post-rationalism seems to me to be where we are right now. We have a new meme in the common brain. It is that we can do whatever we like, say what we like, be whoever we like as long as we are never caught. And that that is a legitimate, perhaps monetised, way of being.

Well, it isn't. It is to subscribe to a check list of idiocy:

Lying about learning - check.

Lying about others - check.

Lying about identity - check.

Just lying - check.

But mainly about being a nihilist - check.

I have spent a little time, because that is what my stalker wants and I am generous with my time. I have come up with this, a la Cracker.

My stalker is:


A disgusting mysogynist, with rape fantasies

A Jew hater, possibly Muslim

Probably a virgin

Probably likely to remain a virgin

Under or around twenty, see previous point

Computer literate



Posting in his Y Fronts


Well, that should narrow it down a bit.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Public Service Announcement - NSFW

There is something a bit awry with the internet when someone can post this on my web site as though I had written it. Which I did not:

Douglas Clark and *** are convicted paedophiles

You sad pair of cock sucking cunts

“drop me an email sir” you desperate fucking cunt!!! you have no fucking friends because you are a big mouthed small brained internet gobshite and as for the cock sucking slob Clark, you are another one.

What r u going to do about it anyway *** you ugly fat yellow rat toothed jew cunt?

Fuck all.

*** screams like a two dollar whore as I ram my uncut European meat into her sullied gaping hole and cum on her saggy tits. I make her say “thank you sir” when I am done.

See ya soon fat cunt.
If I am unable to determine who this idiot is, I do believe I will take it to the Police.
There is identity theft, seriously wrong accusations and signs of mental disorder.
I wonder how seriously the Police would take it?
Meanwhile anything that claims to come from me that I did not write will be deleted at the first opportunity, same goes for anonymous posts or those that say they are from *** and aren't. I shall investigate tracking software.

This is quite serious stuff. If *** or *** believed I had published that nonsense they would be completely entitled to sue me.  
This person needs to be stopped. But mostly they need psychiatric help.