Saturday, 23 July 2011

The unmarked dead, and thoughts from the back line of human pain.

It has seemed to me for a while that there is no-one that stands up for our charnelled dead. I doubt they ever wanted to be dead. I doubt they would have ever seen themselves as a political statement, red in tooth, blood type and flat line. Their voices, their ideas are largely subsumed by the political actor in the play, the man with the bomb, the woman with the commitment, the other side.

For killing us, we are just the convenient punch bags for publicity. We try to remember the people that died in Oklahoma, or Mumbai or London or now Oslo and we can't.

We cannot see the victims as more important than the message. All these messages that these people share with us, via blood and death? Why are they more important that the telegram:

Dear Mrs Ali,

Private Ali has not returned from an expeditionary force tasked with approaching the borders os Afghanistan.

You have my regrets. 

Would they want us to be impressed that their deaths were to be allowed, trapped by the horror that was done to them, into what?

An idea?


Folk that cry out at the evil that men do, simply justify the evil that men do. It is kind of important that we are not  cowed by the wolf, or the fox or whatever other scary creature we encounter.

It was wrong to pander to the spectacular, the deliberate assault  on  the fairly transparent idea that you and I should live on this fucked up planet until we leave it as something better than the victims of an advertising campaign for the mad, the bad and the completely insane. Which, it seems to me, is what an aweful lot of us basic humans do.

Ho hum.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Newsnet Scotland? Nutters or not?

No, no... it's nothing any of you fine people have done. The Facebook page was reported maliciously as fake. We're working to try and get that resolved too. Hopefully we'll be back with a shiny new Facebook page for you all to enjoy in the not-too-distant future :)

Err, no you are not.

You let cheats and liars away with my money, your money too.

And you are so craven that you can't even talk to me. It is all supposed to be a secret. I am a filthy little secret because I say someone is a liar. It is you folk that are a disgrace to the whole idea of Scottish Independence. It is pretty obvious what side you\'d have been on back then.

By the way, you have asked for and obtained my real home address. Let's see you pull up your skirts and provide us with yours.

Otherwise I will see you as a coward and a liar. Perhaps others will too.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Desperately Seeking Sanity - The Newsnet Scotland Fiasco

Apparently you are no longer allowed to have an aggressive point of view amongst nationalists. We have all got to be a party to a love in.

It is very odd, to say the least, to watch Newsnet Scotland jump through hoops about it's embarrassments. Embarrassments? Well, more than one anyway.

To reflect. Newsnet wants to be the go to place for neutral - some might say unbiased - journalism on Scottish Politics. I welcome that. Indeed, in a very small way, I contributed money towards that.

So, what happened?

Newsnet Scotland owned the .com and the .org tags. Someone took exception to their strategy and took over the .net tag. To the extent of rivalling them.

When push came to shove, Newsnet Scotland - the .org version - has released information in a piecemeal and frankly grudging manner.

Mainly through the method of adding a postscript to articles that have nothing whatsoever to do with these 'issues'.

It is an odd way to conduct business.

I do not think a site that recieves money from the public - you and me - has any right to pretend that their finances are a matter of privacy. Some brainless morons seem to see it otherwise. You should just accept that £15,000 has gone missing / been misspent and bend over for the soap in the shower. All SNP supporters are as pure as the driven snow. Well, no, they are not. And those shouting for a cover up are either stupid or duplicitous. Anyway, these moral giants have banned me. What a victory for petty minded stupidity!

Frankly I am more than a little disgusted about this.