Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Steven Purcell Story - Part Three

I'd like to know the outcome of the autopsy on Danus McKinlay.

Why has that  become something no-one is talking about?

Did an autopsy actually take place?

We were told it would, but where is it?

I'd have thought his mother and father would have liked this all cleared up.

If you turn you eyes away from this, much like most folk seem to do, you are not asking to be told a truth. Whatever that might be.


Al said...

This is sick. Just sick.

You are seeking to make political capital out of the untimely death of a teenager and it is truly repulsive.

"A post-mortem examination showed Danus died from an "underlying undetected heart problem"."

I trust you will do the decent thing and apologise to his friends and family as soon as you read this.

Not the Messiah said...

Interesting isn't it, whether it confirms anything or not, what has been interesting is the double standards exhibited by the press here.

There ALL bar none reported this tragic death in the same articles about cocaine use, underworld organised crime and accusations of cash for access yet now the red tops have turned on a blogger who went that step further and actually asked the question whether these two story's were linked (as all the main papers seemed to suggest by their reporting of it).

As much as it's distasteful to speculate on such matters, it's double standards being shown here by the press and the usual hysterical 'cybernat' rhetorical smokescreen.

The real story here are the extensive litany of money being doled out to the private sector by Glasgow City Council, the council that recevies the highest level of funding of any council in Scotland.

An audit is required.

Not the Messiah said...

The daily record are reporting thus

"A post-mortem examination showed Danus died from an "underlying undetected heart problem".

"Further tests are due within weeks, which Brian says will nail the "disgraceful" claims over drugs."

Without wanting to add to the speculation, the use of the word 'undetected' is significant, the press and people who knew the young lad had all been citing known underlying health problems including asthma & diabetes.

It now appears that it was a heart attack.

Sudden Death Syndrome is an umbrella term used for the many different causes of heart attacks in young people which can sometimes cause a sudden death. There are 11 major causes of unexpected cardiac death in the young.

These conditions include thickening of the heart muscle and irregularities of the electrical impulses, which upset the rhythm of the heart.

It is however more prevalent in very active people.

Again, not wanting to suggest that this is at all the case but the risk of a heart attack is increased 24-fold for the first hour after using cocaine, scientists have discovered.

According to the Daily Record, the young lad had just been out for lunch with people from the council and it was people from the press office that were with him when he collapsed.

I think that needs clarification, as many papers have reported that he was 'found' after having a seizure.

In the end, a post mortem is final and will confirm the cause of death and any contributory factors.

douglas clark said...


Thanks for your link. Clearly you are keeping a close eye on the subject too!

I am not seeking to make political capital out of all of this, but it is a matter of general public interest. We have, to some extent, a right to know what is going on?

At least that is one more aspect of the whole sorry shebang that can be put to bed.