Friday, 19 September 2014

I am gutted at the cowardice of 55% of my fellow Scots. This is a victory for masochism.

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douglas clark said...

"Oh! You mean the snob!

The lunatic that thinks a one off vote on any topic is democratic forever?

Quite frankly, only he should have a vote in the first place, women and lower class men and Scot's begad! are unworthy of voting, and heaven forfend, changing their minds.

It is not that long ago that the likes of Mr Augustus would have had an 'opinion' on same sex marriage. The world would have collapsed and the end times would have been upon us. Indeed, if anyone expressed themselves in a semi-colloquial manner, similar events would have unfolded. The end days would have 'hit like a truck' to use an, ahem, colloquial expression.

Fortunately -no, really - fortunately, snobs like Mr Augustus can be measured in three dimensions, and each says something about them.

The first dimension, let us call it length, measures conceit. There is a ruler that reaches towards infinity that we can use for that. Every time we try to use it, the value goes up, which is rather strange.

The second dimension is condescension, where ones ultimate self overwhelms everything else. It is a somewhat sad medical condition where one believes one is a failed dictator - the failure is a missing aspect of the condition, along with any sort of recognition whatsoever of why others, such as your good self William, might have another point of view.

Lastly, our good friend Mr Augustus may just lurve, winding folk up. An infinite piece of elastic band.

For sure, his palatial palace is below a bridge."

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