Monday, 1 January 2018

Lies, lies as truth, and more lies?

I had this to say on a 'Herald' thread:

"And, no, they have a nutty Unionist agenda all of the time. Tom Gordon is, frankly, up to no good. But the Herald loves him. Click bait 102, for someone else is click bait 101. That would be Mr Torrance, the autobiographer with no access to the person he is supposed to being autobiographical about. And yet, The Herald, still publishes him as a serious journalist.

Frankly, neither of them are.

We deserve better, but it is unlikely to happen.

[Just a brief note for The Herald's Moderators. I have copied this post and will post it elsewhere if you take it down. Best wishes in 2018, you have a difficult role to play.]

I am fed up being lied to by folk that appear to think that they are superior to me. Writing lies in the 'Herald' does not qualify either Tom Gordon nor Mr Torrance as anything other than propogandists. It is frankly a disgrace that 'The Herald' has fallen this low.

Personally I hope it, Tom Gordon and David Torrance all go bankrupt very, very soon.l

Click bait, the lot of them!

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