Thursday, 9 May 2013

Stuart Campbell

This place has been dead in the water, sinking slowly for a lack of content.

It is, however, where I can say what I like.

The Rev Stuart Campbell appears to support a complete arsehole, mosstrooper, who tells us:

" Many years ago before postal voting I stood for the SNP for election to Glasgow City council.  During the count when the counted votes were being put into piles of 100 for each candidate with the name of the candidate on top of each pile I happened to notice that one of my 100 votes had the name of my rival put on top. I called over the returning officer and pointed this out. The error was corrected and the counting was about to recommence when I said but what about the other piles. It was made out that this had been a one off mistake. Nervously I stood my ground (It was my first election and I was quite young. After some discussion it was agreed that the other piles would be checked and low and behold another 5 piles had my opponents name on top of my votes.
Mistake? possibly (pace Margo) but all for my opponent and this in a local election?
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a fair chance it is a duck.
I have no Idea if Craig Murray is correct or not but something smells bad and if I may murder my metaphors, at this referendum if we are not eternally vigilant it will be like bringing a knife to a gun fight.
The British establishment can fight dirty and it will."

Perhaps, but who is Mosstrooper? Why would he or she hide behind a pseudonym rather than identify themselves properly as they would have to do on a ballot paper?

As of this moment in time, mosstroopper's identity is still unknown. Yet, the Reverend Stuart Campbell accepts it without a qualm. I am not willing to do that without evidence.

Attempts to determine his or her identity and with the particular result being  met by silence by mosstrooper. I don't accept that silence as realistic. .I want to know who he or she is. I want to know the evidence that he or she can present.

Stuart  Campbell is being unusually favourable to the case of mosstrooper..

I have no idea why.

Being barred on a site you have contribued money to is an odd sensation. It in not wrong, in principle, to walk away from your benefactors. It just seems odd that I was banned over something as trivial as asking for evidence. Quite what the Reverend Stu thought he was all about is completely beyond me.

Perhaps the hits, the number of views, etc, is making him bigheaded. He does not run the independence case and neither does mosstrooper.

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