Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Problem with the ego of successful blog authors. The little guy does upskirt!

There is a real danger that certain people - I am looking at the Rev Stuart Campbell - lies to us. He certainly loves the word "lie"!

Once upon a time, that person would  have accepted all comments, and then he didn't. Then he got as restrictive as fuck. I find that quite aggravating and egotistial. On his part. Changing the rules as popularity increased, who'd have thunk it?


I could accept that, on the basis that some of the comments against him were truly nasty.


But mine weren't.

What the Rev Stuart Campbell says he does, has become a lie, he is just as much of a fucked up media tart as the people he criticises.

He suppresses comment as much as the BBC.

Mine, for example.

But, on that basis, beacuase he can, because he controls what is said on his web site,  he is just as fucked up as the press.

He is a  guy is a tad full of himself.

It was something he, himself, rejected.


No more does he see that as an issue, no more does he see that as problem.


Ego is not a joyous thing to see in a person I used to have a lot of time for.

No more.

An apology is unlikely. For the Reverend Stewart Campbell has made an arse of himself and he is incapable of seeing little old me as being on the same side.

I assume that the Rev Stu Campbell reads the words 'Rev Stu Cambell' 'cause that is the sort of ego we are dealing with.

If you come across this, and I expect you will, pretend that you didn't, you will come across as the humourless person that I expect you are.

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