Friday, 23 April 2010

Identity Theft and Stupid Wee Bastrards

I have been the subject of local, and I suppose national, identity theft.

It seems to me that having my ideas corrupted by evil wee tits is, well, quite evil,

For they have nothing to say for themselves. They have grabbed whatever I have to say and corrupted it.

That is not just evil, it is incredibly weak.

It is the weakness I admire. I am no-one, yet they attach themselves to me?

What the fuck?

It is, I suppose, time to get stronger.

As far as I'm concerned it is time to stand up for the SNP. It is important to recognise that all our identities have been stolen, That we are who we say we are, and that we don't need a bit of paper to prove it.

Least, that's what I think we are about.

What say you?


Sarah said...

I think the situation at PP is getting ridiculous. I *did* get sucked in - on the BNP thread itself - but they are taking over every thread and dredging up old ones. Would a retun to the other system which was trialled - which was the one in place when I started commeting a few months ago - be a good option? No one who reads PP is likely to be persuaded to vote BNP - they are only trying to cause mischief. Sarah AB

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Hear, hear!

Is the coward racist being a twat again? He has fallen quiet over me, although I see he come to visit my blog often enough, as obsessed as he is and has now started abusing yet more of my female comrades the ugly, bitter and vile misogynist he is.

Keep your head up, for right is on your side.

douglas clark said...

Sarah AB,

Thanks for your comment.

There is a delicate balance to be had between having your blog completely screwed down so that comments are pre-moderated, which, unfortunately is what I have had to do here, and a complete open door policy.

It becomes a hurdle that some people prefer not to have to clear.

I'd be quite happy to drop pre-moderation in relation to any of the people that regularily comment here, your good self included, but I am not technically savvy enough to do it.

We do need a new method of control, probably based on pre-moderation of commentators rather than comments by approved commentators if you see what I mean.

There are still a lot of folk that haven't been 'turned off' - from PP - yet, by the invasion, however you are right, it ought to be a worry.

You can usually tell if someone is going to be a fair and reasonable commentator over the first few posts they make.

I have no problem with debate, but when it becomes to deliberate tag teaming, or identity theft or first order sock puppetry, it becomes, as you say wearying. I usually enjoy discussing stuff with people I disagree with because I usually look for compromises. In the case of the attacks that I, and the poster just above me here, have come under, it is a sting. It is a deliberate attempt to subvert usually ;-) reasonable voices.

douglas clark said...


Thanks for the support.

Right is on our side, my friend!

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Well said Sarah, the same situation is occurring at Liberal Conspiracy also, every thread that touches on immigration and/or the BNP is a quatermass of vile racism.

And it is pointless debating racists but what gets me is why their voices are welcome and tolerated.

it takes one of them to use open racist abuse to get banned but to expound racist ideas is seemingly okay.

Utter tosh and it keeps decent people away which I think is the point of the racist cretins.

douglas clark said...


I am trying to talk my best friend - no really - well after Sonia Afroz left web space - Sunny Hundal to address this issue directly.

He had one point to make, and it was that I was attracting this sort of shite. (I assume that includes you?)

Anyway, I don't agree with him. But this bug in a rug is going to not comment on Liberal Conspiracy for a month, but that is surrendering ground to people I think we mutually hate.

It is done for a reason, nowt under my name on Liberal Conspiracy can be me. And, if anyone says anything, I will trap it.

So, my friend you have a month of silence from the idiots.

Please make the most of it :-)

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

To be frank, Sunny Hundal's attitude stinks and it has done for some time on this issue.

He refuses to take any steps to correct the problem and passes the blame onto the victim of the attacks, which is idiotic in the extreme. The victim then has to exclude themselves from the website because of the attentions of the racist twat.

Censorship of a reasoned voice is achieved by web harassment aided and abetted by Sunny Hundal.

I urge you not to exclude yourself from there, I urge you to see what other blog support you can rally and an open letter or some other such device should be issued, even if it is just from us.

I will consult with other blogging comrades and get their take on the matter and advice.

It really makes me want to subject him to the level of abuse that we have been receiving.

it may have to come to that.

douglas clark said...


I know where you are coming from, honestly I do. But that is not the way forward.

I am actually quite fond of Sunny Hundal, despite his current dose of Stockholm Syndrome.

I have tried to talk him out of it, but as you rightly say, he appears attached to the notion that it is me that, because I get riled by racists - which is their intent, it is somehow me that is in the wrong.

Obviously I don't agree with that at all.

On the other hand, Rumbolds thread on Pickled Politics about a BNP Shop or something, no longer includes the amazing words of Lee John Barnes, so perhaps they are paying attention.

If they don't recognise this as an issue, it will destroy the quite wide ranging debates that used to be hosted there. I seem to recall becoming quite impressed with the friendship that Chairwoman (a Jewish person) and Anas (a Palestinian nationalist) managed to strike up. There was mutual respect there, and complete disagreement. It is that ability to disagree and not hate that has been completely lost.

I'd like to think they are both my chums. I'd also like to think that they learned a bit by discussing stuff with each other.

Least, that's what I think.