Friday, 9 April 2010

Ask not what Labour can do for Scotland, ask what Scotland can do for Labour

Jeff, over at SNP Tactical voting has made, in his polite and civilised way, a very good point:

In essence our 'last colony' status will bring us nothing from the Westminster Labour Preservation Society.

We will be asked to help fund the Olympic Games and Crossrail (both London only projects) and probably end up bailing out a ridiculously overpriced high speed rail link between London and Birmingham. We will probably end up providing seed funding for English nuclear power when we don't need it - neither do they.

In exchange we get, what?

Not a heck of a lot that I can see. Oh! yes! We will be allowed to park the replacement for Trident on the Clyde, which will make us the target for many a nutter for at least another fifty years.

And, rather than building useful stuff like wave energy systems we'll get, maybe aye, maybe naw, a share in building two aicraft carriers to 'project' our power and influence on the world stage. I love that bit.


I don't want to project our influence on a world stage. And if we want to protect ourselves I'd rather do it as a NATO partner, not as a Colonel Blimp.

So the balance of the Labour Manifesto is, firstly geared to the South East of England and secondly towards maintaining a phantom empire.

It is really pretty bankrupt.

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