Saturday, 2 November 2013

The apparent death of Liberal Conspiracy

I had this to say

A few questions if I may?
1) I’d have thought blogging was in your DNA. Is this site giving up on it’s collectivism and going to become your personal, occasional, outlet?
2) You, probably folded Pickled Politics when it was as at it’s lowest ebb. Frankly, without your, and Rumbolds[‘, above the line comments remaining confrontational rather than being matters of historical record, you called it right. It had lost it’s edge, as has this blog over the last few months. So, where does the ‘voice’ go from here?
3) I am delighted that you are getting a career. I look forward to hearing more about your documentary with the BBC. When will it view?
Anyway, Saor Alba and best wishes for your future. Our routes are now divergent, but I will never forget the generosity of spirit within the Asian community that you introduced me to. I have learnt a lot from both you and the people that commented on your blogs. It has been a fascinating experience for me.
No doubt this post will be followed with yet another downsider. Well, fuck them! You did it, they didn’t.
Best wishes.
douglas clark"

And this:

"You are underestimating your own ability Sunny.
I would never, ever, vote for the Labour Party, but I would vote for you.
You might like to look at the statistics for Wings over Scotland, a site I am currently banned from commenting on.
What’s new?
Anyway, it goes from strength to strength and has a comparatively, Scottish-wise, enormous audience.
He used his authority to crowd-source opinion polls. Y’know, pay for them. Like you could ask too?
Asking straightforward question of the electorate garners straightforward answers. I am fascinated to know that only a 5% swing or so will give us independence from the self centred Westminster elite. Where we go from there is, kind of obviously, down to us.
I would have assumed that you could crowd source your journalism in exactly the same way as Rev Stu. Heck, I’d have funded you! And Rev Stu got money out of me before banning me. It is easy to appear to be one thing, an open forum and then be another. Anyway enough about the Rev Stu.
My point is that he has a model for citizen journalism that ought to pay your wages.
Despite being a particularily nasty man – it is not obvious – he garnered a salary from his fans.
If you open a similar appeal, I would contribute.
Best wishes
douglas clark"

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