Sunday, 16 June 2013

What is interesting about this media

A long long time ago I posted on a site called 'Pickled Politics'. And I ended up liking, or indeed, loving, an awful lot of folk that I would like to see come here to an independent Scotland.

Your mileage may vary, but these are people that would add significantly to who we currently are.

Almost all of them are Asians by ancestry, though almost all of them have a British Passport.

What, you might ask, dear reader, if I have one reader, is what are you saying?

I am arguing for openess in a post 'Yes' situation. I am arguing that we should not adopt a 'Daily Mail' attitude to 'foreigners', that we should have open borders to anyone that wants to come here.

I spent a lot of my youth wandering around the Highlands looking, inter alia, at demolished crofts, knocked down villages and other piles of stones.

We, ladies and gentlemen, are an empty land. We ought to welcome anyone that want's to fill it again.


To get back to the point, none of our media would say anything like that for fear of nurse, or David Cameron or worse. Nigel Farage being a hero of the anti-revolution.

We, you and I dear reader, should be encouraging re-population of ruins. If you head out of Milngavie on the road to Strathblane it is astonishing to see a croft sized house falling to bits. It is to your left, just after the resevoir.

Why is that? Who is stopping it being retrieved?

It cannot be unrecoverable, and it is within an easy commute of Glasgow City Centre.

What is going on there?

Someone is either holding out for too high a price or there are, as usual, ridiculous legal reasons.

If it is the former, then hell mend them, if it is the latter, then let's have it addressed directly in the Scottish Parliament. There is no excuse for ruins.

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