Sunday, 5 September 2010

Giskard and the 'End'.

I recently joined  'The Engineering Guild', mainly because I admired the work that some chap called Giskard had done on extending the whole Oblivion Game.

I am less than impressed that he has taken his Oblivion related content down.

It seems to me to be a storm in a teacup. Apparently Better Cities folk have ripped off his content. But, everyone rips off everyone else's content.

This is someone in a strop. Because his content has been 'ripped off'.

Well, his ideas were based on what Bethesda let him do. And his ideas were really good.

It is verging on crazy, it is verging on mad to think that some little clique don't recognise his genious, for taking a tired old cliché and making it a lot better.

An example:

It seems to me now obvious that the Daedra would also have their 'champion of Kvatch'. It was not obvious until Giskard stuck it in my face.

The community ought to be able to accomodate Giskard.

I am quite angry at Giskard too, who does anger much better than me. He ought to be able to let things rest, but he cannot.

Instead. he goes off in a strop.

Yeah, well Giskard,  thanks for the content. No thanks for the attitude.

This post will mean nothing to anyone who has not played the Elder Scrolls or played the mods. Your loss....


skn said...

Do you still happen to have the elder council mod? I'd really like to play it again but i deleted it a while back...

dave banal said...

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