Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I urge you.

Dunnno whether a vaguely SNP voter has it in their soul to read this post.

It seems to me that any attempt to say anything positive about the SNP is doomed to calumny. I'd urge you to ignore the shite and place your vote for your local nationalist candidate.
What that vote means is that you do not see Scottish Nationalism as an exclusive thing. If you are Asian or Jewish or African, as long as you say you are Scottish, you are. Which, is as it should be.


We are treated as if Jeff Breslin was, legitimately, a subject of due process, when it is quite clear that he is a subject of immediate political process. Backed up by foolish cops. Talk about breaking butterflies on wheels!

This is probably as near as anyone will ever get to comparing Jeff Breslin to Mick Jagger.


It is perfectly obvious that the deplorable concept of postal voting, or the ludicrous extension of the concept at least, may be a twist too far in democracy.

I'd quite like the SNP to come out against the whole idea of postal voting, at least without root and branch reform.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Not being Scottish, the Lib Dems get my vote.

Sophia Pangloss said...

Right with ye Douglas, the postal vote process reeks. Mibbe it's no just the MPs folk are scunnered wi', but the manner in which certain parties treat oor democratic process, from the letterbox right the way up tae the despatch box.

Whit a smokescreen they managed tae produce, pointin' their fingers at Jeff while the problem lies in a system which allows Jeff's situation tae arise in the first place!

douglas clark said...


I'd vote that way too, were I English!

I've always seen my SNP-ness as a tactical necessity. I will always be a Liberal at heart.

But I cannot vote for a Union that is a busted flush.

Least that's the way I see it.

douglas clark said...



Sarah said...

I'm voting Labour, much to the scorn of my family.