Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I am sorry to go off at a tangent - part three of 'Thoughts on Extremism' - will follow shortly.

However, tangent it is. And it is the tangent that interests me right now.

I have a genuine difficulty with folk that distance themselves from reality. Almost as much as the folk that twist reality to their own ends - more about them later.

But firstly let us consider comfort zones.

There are two sides to this arguement. There are those that are never happy unless there is an apocalypse just around the corner, and there are those that would deny it until hell freezes over.

It is a dichotomy of human belief. And the idiots are winning.

I doubt that either extreme is mainstream, as it were. There are the libertarians on the one hand, who say we are all responsible for ourselves, and have a huge difficulty in constructing a world that would meet our needs. Or the communists who actually were given the chance and fucked it up.

But, here is the beef. Why does it seem to be the case that the political right wing wants to deny Climate Change?

There is an exceptionally poor comment on Liberal Conspiracy that says this:

So there is a hidden political motive behind these greens, which brings us back to the watermelons – Green on the outside, Red when you look below the surface.


I am sort of against global warming. And I do think quite a lot of it is anthropogenic.

Does that entitle someone to describe me as a watermelon?

There is a fairly robust amount of evidence that we are killing ourselves. It seems to me that political dinosaurs are unwilling to even take out an insurance policy against that possibility.

I do not have a lot of respect for idiots. Avoidance of risk strikes me as a 'good thing'.

For they have a certainty that I do not share.


marvin said...

Why does it seem to be the case that the political right wing wants to deny Climate Change?

I don't know of any right wingers that deny climate change. There's a range of scepticism on the issue however.

People who say rubbish such as within 30 years we'll be under 20 foot waves etc, the alarmists and paranoiacs, and the frothing fanaticism with which some people approach the subject, these people, rub people up the wrong way and so then people on the right just tend to think it's all a bunch of shit.

Some of the people that take up the cause are complete dicks, to be frank. And the thing I personally can't stand is the stinking hypocrisy of these preachers of the New Revelations. People flying all over the world to climate change conference after conference. And of course the biggest single thing they could do is not having any kids! And they've always got the same answer - it's allowed because of all the good work I'm doing and that I'm going to teach my kids about saving the planet etc.

The other thing it's trendy, studenty, and goddam hippy! Which of course means that a lot of these people who take the cause up are air-heads and doing it be fashionable. There's a great episode from Pen and Teller Bullshit about environment hysteria. There's a small clip here.

Douglas, you also have to remember it's not all people on the right who 'deny' climate change, just some. Remember the Conservative party motto, Vote Blue Go Green! And they have a nice green tree as their logo too. It's start anyhow.

douglas clark said...


Perhaps I was wrong to associate political labels with climate change denialism. I take your point.

What I'd be better arguing, perhaps, is that climate change denialism is something of a charter for idiots, whether they are left wing or right. Would that make more sense?